Veterinary Services Available for After Hour Pet Emergencies

Our veterinary staff is available during normal business hours for routine examinations, vaccinations, pet dental cleanings, health certificates, spay and neuter procedures and other non life-threatening conditions. However, we know that accidents and emergencies happen even to pets. That is why we have a team of qualified veterinarians in La Mesa on staff to handle both routine and urgent care cases.

In addition, our involvement in each animals life does not end the moment an appointment with the veterinarian is over. We pride ourselves on our ability to educate owners in how to allow their pets to live long healthy lives. Our veterinarian in La Mesa also helps owners create a plan for their pet’s wellness, including a timeline for future veterinary checkups and vaccines. Contact the veterinarian in La Mesa who cares about your pet as much as you do by calling 619-463-9861.

Veterinarian in La Mesa Offers Compassionate Treatment and Care

University Pet Hospital embraces our mission to be the most reliable, responsible, and respected providers of veterinary services to pets and their owners.

Through genuine commitment, quality education, and care we will create satisfied clients who are happy with their pet’s health care and will actively refer others to our practice.

Our entire staff is dedicated to compassionate treatment and care for animals. We are a full-service veterinary clinic offering wellness care for dogs, cats, rabbits and pocket pets. Our veterinarians, Dr. Wilcox and Dr. Appel, offer many procedures, including pet vaccinations, routine examinations, spay/neuter procedures, pet dental care, microchip implantation and more. We also have an on-site cat and dog groomer available for the convenience of our patients.


Pet Surgery

Whether your pet needs a routine operation or emergency care, the highly-skilled pet surgery team at our University Pet Hospital in La Mesa is here to help!

Pet Dental

Veterinary dental care is essential to the health of your pet. While no one likes doggy breath, bad breath in your cat or dog is a sign of an underlying dental illness due to poor oral hygiene.

Pet Dermatology

Is your pet suffering from hair loss, excessive itching or skin rashes?

Pet Grooming

Our La Mesa veterinary hospital is one of the few veterinary hospitals in our community to offer pet grooming services from a professional groomer.

Pet Vaccinations

As animal lovers and pet owners, we all want to do what is best for our pet’s health.

Pet Dietary Management

Proper nutrition is essential to helping pets live long, healthy and active lives.

In-House Pharmacy

Our commitment to you is we offer competitive prices, comparable to those of online pharmacy.

In-House Laboratory

It is extremely important, in the veterinary hospital to have an accurate, fast and affordable laboratory system, One that provides results in minutes; we at University Pet Hospital use this every day with great results.